How many blog posts to publish each week

While the importance of online marketing is steadily increasing, several research studies have been conducted on the effect of blogging, evaluating the 'what', the 'why', the 'when' and the 'how'. In this article, we will focus on the 'when'. Publishing articles at frequent intervals or for specific periods of time can have

Improve your video rankings

With the advent of mobile and video as the most consumed content on this device, referencing videos on YouTube is more than ever a subject in the air. We are obviously talking here of natural referencing of these videos, via a set of techniques allowing a better positioning in the search results

Tips on SEO strategy diversification

Whether it’s the release of a new black and white animal, an introduction to a stranger named “Fred”, or the rare advice to E-A-T more, SEO changes and evolves quickly. Therefore, it’s important to diversify and not keep all your optimization eggs in one basket – there’s a good chance that basket is one algorithmic update away from being

Digital Marketing The Complete Guide to the Entrepreneur

Buying behavior has changed dramatically since the advent of the Internet. Indeed, more and more consumers are starting (and ending) their customer journey on the Internet, thus demonstrating the effectiveness of Digital Marketing. The way consumers make their buying decisions today makes Digital Marketing mandatory for any entrepreneur looking to differentiate themselves